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Design, production and construction of exterior walls of private customized luxury houses, villas, clubs and hotels

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Good at stone carving architectural design, planning, sculpture

Quanzhou Oak Stone Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Chongwu Town, Hui'an, known as the "Town of Chinese Stone Carving" and "Ten Charming Towns of CCTV in China".Our stone factory has been engaged in the processing of villa exterior wall stone for many…
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Drawing design of dry-hanging stone and limestone exterior wall stone for granite villa curtain wall and one-stop service of
stone production, production, construction and installation

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Foreign owned mines and factories directly sell scrap materials, large plate processing, engineering plate processing, special-shaped line processing

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  • 192020-01
    The company wishes new and old customers happy New Year! Year of the rat! Happy family! Lucky mouse! Lucky rat!

    The company wishes new and old customers happy New Year! Year of the rat! Happy family! Lucky mouse! Lucky rat!

  • 172018-06
    Granite carving pot

      Stone flowerpot, also known as pebble flowerpot, is made of stone or pebble. It belongs to the creative flowerpot. The flowerpot is small and exquisite. It can grow flowers on the palm of your hand. Suitable for breeding fleshy plants and micro-pl…

  • 172018-06
    Courtyard stone carving is a way of life

      There are many famous gardens in Chinese history, all of which deposit the essence of the culture of past dynasties. From architectural layout to stone carving, the elegant life and aesthetic taste of the landlord are presented one by one. Garden …

  • 162018-06
    Classification and application of granite curing agents

      Granite is hard and belongs to natural stone with excellent performance. Its decorative effect is remarkable, so it has been developed for home decoration application. However, with the wide application of granite materials, its outstanding proble…

  • 162018-06
    Why should stone be maintained?

      Usually, whether indoor or outdoor, stone nurses will advise you to do some maintenance after paving. Maybe you are confused, why need stone maintenance? Today's edition summarizes the following 8 reasons that lead us to need maintenance after pa…